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I am Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing.

How dare you threaten me.

Integral art by Jean and Lavinia
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Collaboration between two girls for fanfic (Hellsing, Harry Potter, and more) and original works.
givemethechild is sometimes an artist. (Lavinia wrote the original bio here and Jean would like to keep it but it is far too flattering so here she speaks.) She comes first not because she is somehow superior as Lavinia suggests but because it is alphabetically appropriate. Her fandom kicks are Hellsing (obviously) and Harry Potter, which was her first fandom love.

lavinialavender is, most boringly, Lavinia Lavender. She has been writing for many years now, and has finally gotten to the point where it doesn't (usually) make people twitch (too much), which is positive, considering how she hopes (most optimistically) to make a career out of it. She cannot draw to save her life. But she loves Hellsing. Oh, she loves Hellsing. (And Harry Potter and Lily/Severus and Integra and Walter and Integra/Alucard...and her OCs which are totally secret except not because Jean added them in the interests, and Lavinia is entirely too flattered to take them out....)

Together, they fight crime! have made this community, collaborating their efforts. We hope you enjoy and review and watch. Not necessarily in that order.

These two girls were initially acquainted (2004-11-23 - omega, Lavinia, has it been that long?) with one another through Harry Potter - specifically, Harry Potter fanfiction, and even more specifically, Jean's Dark Side of the Moon, which Lavinia fangirled shamelessly. A little while after this first fangirling, Lavinia became Jean's beta, though they were still only vaguely acquainted for a few months - until they simultaneously discovered HELLSING, and, more specifically, Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing. The terrifyingly intense fangirling and squeeing that followed (encouraged by how neither had anyone else to turn to who shared the same love) may have possibly set a record for fastest-made friendships. As one excellent quote says: Friends are made whenever someone says, "You too? I thought I was the only one!"

They bonded very well over their Hellsing, Integra, and Integra/Alucard love, and soon thought of creating a journal collaborating their art and writing efforts (though Lavinia is still a little lost on why Jean needs her to write fic, when Jean can write excellent fic quite well on her own) - not just for Hellsing, mind you, but also for Harry Potter, and, perhaps some day, original stuff. The inspiration will hopefully work both ways: Lavinia will write fics for which Jean will draw art, and Jean will draw art for which Lavinia will write fics.

1. Integra is not allowed to age.
2. Walter is not allowed to die.
3. Neither is allowed to become a vampire.
4. No vampire is allowed to be more powerful than Alucard. (And on that note, we will call him down upon anyone who hotlinks/steals Jean's art.)
5. Seras Victoria is not allowed to exist be significant.

Since the above was written, they have met In Real Life. The earth might have shaken, but they were too busy squeeing to notice. They scared shop-people by their angsting over the manga in the middle of the comic store. They acquired matching (fake) Hellsing tattoos and skipped over the Seras bits when they watched the anime together. They walked around shouting "AAAAAAA-men!" and "BEHOLD!!!" at one another and various inanimate objects. They had a pillow fight. (Jean was trounced.) And they have promised to do it again.

Lavinia: *cries* That was so beautiful. ♥ I would also like to lastly note that Jean created the header inside this journal. *bows to her*