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Announcement concerning changes in community format

Given some misgivings about our next post, which will be rated PG-13 both story- and art-wise, I've revamped the community's system a bit.

Previously the only "members" were Jean and myself, since we were (and still are) the only ones who could post.  The next post will be locked for friends only, but since we didn't have any members, it would have been pointless.  So I've changed the settings so that people may join (unmoderated for now), though posting access is still restricted to Jean and myself. 

I'm very sorry for the trouble, and in order to ease any inconvenience in the transition, I've gone ahead and invited as a member everyone who was already merely watching the community.

And yes, again, the next post will be locked for members only.

Thank you!

(Also, past this next restricted post, there should be some Integra-Walter sketch/drabbles forthcoming.  Whee!)
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Sunday Morning Wake-Up

(Ha, told you!)

Title: Sunday Morning Wake-Up
Word Count: 431
Rating: G
Author notes: Okay, so, I tend to develop scenes in my head within the first few minutes of waking up, because I am freakish like that.  Usually, when I recall them a few hours later, they make me cringe.  But this - well, I woke up next to Jean that morning, hee, so I think that changed things.  Yay!  And it's such a ridiculously pretty picture for such a quick sketchy scene - lol, see, Jean calls it "notes" below, and it hasn't changed but for a tiny bit of re-phrasing.  - Oh, and as for the sleeping arrangements, hem; it's another theory of mine which I ought to write out properly, because I do know how it started.
Artist notes: I started sketching this one only minutes after I'd read Lavinia's notes for the following scene. This took place while she was in the next room, brushing her teeth. Original sketch done in pencil, then scanned in and painted in Photoshop.

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Afternoon Off

(No, we are not dead.  ...It's my fault, really, for being such an Angsty Writer and not getting off my butt to finish my WIPs.  I would also like to blame college.  But yes, more coming up soon after this!)

Title: Afternoon Off
Word Count: 1,338
Rating: G (except for the sexiness of Integra's thighs, and Jean's art in general)
Artist notes: I originally drew this piece specifically to disturb Lavinia, who swore up and down that Integra would never, ever wear orange in any way, shape or form. Furthermore, I put her in sweats, shorts, and flip-flops – completely OOC, of course. But my plan backfired and Lavinia wrote this amazing story for my piece, also delighting me by utterly justifying the Chudley Cannons sweatshirt!
Author notes: Originally written as a present for Jean when I first met her in August 2006.  Of course, I ended up desperately scribbling down the last lines as the plane ended in her airport, and it was never meant to be a masterpiece, naturally.  Just a written piece to complement her picture, which is the purpose of this community anyway.  As you may notice, the one detail in the picture I didn't include in my story is the cigarillo, because I refuse to acknowledge that Integra smokes.  Yes, it is perfectly ridiculous of me.

Oh, and you can check out the Lexicon/Quidditch Through the Ages to see that I’m not making up the details on the Ballycastle Bats.

(...Also, rather obviously, this is a Harry Potter crossover.  Ahaha.  A lot, if not all, of my stories are going to be Harry Potter crossovers, as that's just how I see the world.)

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Le Grande Opening

Title: Ties of Blood
Rating: PG-13
Author notes: Lavinia would just like to say that the credit for the written portion of this piece belongs equally to Jean, because not only did she beta multiple versions of it, but she also assisted in the very initial brainstorming for the logistics of the plot.

Jean also prepared what was quite possibly the most spectacular transcript that has even been made from the anime flashbacks, in order for Lavinia to make the dialogue and details as wholly accurate as possible. It was so much more than Lavinia ever asked, and made this story better than it would have ever been had Lavinia been on her own making some kind of transcript. Lastly, Jean also sacrificed her most valuable beauty sleep time to type many, many codes into the story (which they are both in agreement now is far too emphatic a story) for the posting.

Lavinia would also like to mightily thank LMI for contributing her own v. thorough beta-ing. It also brought the story to a whole new level, as well as enlightened Lavinia of her over-fondness for commas and ridiculously-long if grammatically-correct sentences.

Artist notes: Jean would like to say that it is very difficult to be witty at one in the morning and she doesn't know how Lavinia manages it, but she did find her compliments very amusing. It is also difficult to be at all coherent when Lavinia is SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HER OMGWTFBBQ.
Also: HAHAHA BEAUTY SLEEP. that is all.

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