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Nobody's laughing now [userpic]
Announcement concerning changes in community format
by Nobody's laughing now (lavinialavender)
at August 17th, 2007 (01:27 pm)

Given some misgivings about our next post, which will be rated PG-13 both story- and art-wise, I've revamped the community's system a bit.

Previously the only "members" were Jean and myself, since we were (and still are) the only ones who could post.  The next post will be locked for friends only, but since we didn't have any members, it would have been pointless.  So I've changed the settings so that people may join (unmoderated for now), though posting access is still restricted to Jean and myself. 

I'm very sorry for the trouble, and in order to ease any inconvenience in the transition, I've gone ahead and invited as a member everyone who was already merely watching the community.

And yes, again, the next post will be locked for members only.

Thank you!

(Also, past this next restricted post, there should be some Integra-Walter sketch/drabbles forthcoming.  Whee!)